Posted on Thursday 08 January 2009 - 07:59:00
The original idea of this article was to let our readers to know more about what has happened on Russian promotional market during the year 2008. However, global financial crisis has changed even this my humble intension. Of course, we still could talk about it, but the year was so distinctive, that in the meaning of statistics it couldn’t be of any help. That’s why all statistic material of this article is from the previous, much as regular for our branch, year 2007.
Promotional market’s assortment is so huge that it is really impossible to make any analysis of every single product of it. However, in Europe like in Russia the most popular items of all times are writing instruments and wearable. We have chosen the simplest way to gather information for this job by analyzing custom’s database of import. May be it’s too modest to say “simple” in this context, because in fact, there is no any other source in Russia. All business information is closed; no numbers or figures could be received from any authority or official entity. So it is the only source at the same time. And, to say the truth, it is the most convenient source. Reader must be aware, of course, that figures of this article shouldn’t be understood as the last and only true numbers, be-cause of one specific thing in Russian economy. Customs taxes are so high, that importers have been discovering for years different “technologies” to avoid big payments. Those methods include many ways of importing goods to Russia only declared partly or even without declaring them at all. However, this little thing can’t distort the whole picture and readers must keep it just in mind. Another argument of using customs database was the fact that there is no manufacturing of such kind of production in Russia or, at least, in competitive quality and prices to similar imported goods. There are a few small companies, who try to sew t-shirts and it is even worse with writing instruments. There is only one big old plant in St. Petersburg with awfully looking pens and one modern, but very small factory in Moscow suburbs.
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