Posted on Tuesday 01 January 2008 - 21:50:47
Mikhail Vishnevskii: “Please, tell about “Christmas Time”
Anna Levandovskaya: “Christmas Time” is the only New Year goods specialized exhibition in Eastern Europe. Participating in it is extremely important for Russian and C.I.S. companies working in this field. Our September exhibitions are adjusted to the launching of New Year products season, and our visitors are not only sales people but officials responsible for holiday decoration of streets and public places.I can also say that “Christ-mas Time” is a New Year fashion shaper. Each year we hold a Trend Show where we demonstrate the most actual New Year décor tendencies. Usually it attracts a lot of visitors.”
M.V.: “Are you interested in European participants?”
A.L.: “Undoubtedly, the more participants we have the more effective our exhibition is and the more dynamic our sphere will develop as a whole.
M.V.: “What services can you offer in turn to foreign clients? And why should Europe-an clients come exactly to your exhibition?”
A.L.: “First of all, being a leading show in the field, we provide our participants and visitors with very good opportunities for serious business. The range of articles on Christmas Time wholly reflects Russian New Year products market. Another important thing is the exceptionally professional visitor audience and the immense background of our exhibition, the Central House of an Artist, located in the very cent-re of Moscow. Besides, this year Christmas Time/Spring will be neighboring with another exhibition specialized in the adjoining the sphere of promo souvenirs and gifts, Design and Advertisement. It will surely attract more visitors to the both shows.”
M.V.: “Please tell what European companies have already taken part in your show? How was your subsequent relations and their follow-up work in Russia shaping?
A.L.: “We already had participants from Poland, Italy and Greece. Poland companies were presenting New Year trees and stands for New Year trees. Italian company, Solchim, have participated in Christmas Time twice and we hope they will also come to our spring fair. They present aerosols with artificial snow and special paints for New Year interior decorative design. Another company, Therianos, one of the largest trade companies in Greece has long-term plans for the Russian market. And we are proud they have chosen Christmas Time to enter the Russian market in spring, 2007.
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