Posted on Saturday 10 January 2009 - 08:00:00
«You may say that I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one…»
John Lennon

What is the worth thing in global financial crisis? Nobody knows when it comes and when it’s over.Millions of different kind of analytics say, they know, what will happen the next half a year. They don’t. Like nobody did know, that oil will pay only a bit of the last summer price. Where were all those analytics then? Karl Marx said over a hundred years ago, that crisis is the second name of capitalism. It was true then, it is still the truth. The only difference is that at the beginning of the last century crisis was a local disaster, at the beginning of this century it is our common, global disaster. Some countries suffer more, some less, but nobody feels well in this economical salad.

I have a privilege to look after the situation from two places at a time. In Finland, which is my main location, crisis hasn’t made a big influence. Of course, banks loan money with more care, real estate prices are not growing etc. But, there are small things. Finnish companies even buy back businesses, they sold some years ago. Of course, with profit. It’s not a big surprise for us, because we had our own local crisis in 1993 and everybody remembers, how awful it was. It was like in US now, with the difference, that Finland is small country and nobody in the big world cares, what happens there. We survived currency devaluation, banking system collapse, bankruptcies, real estate prices collapse, huge unemployment. Now Americans have asked us for advice and also received it. However the biggest influence of crisis here in Finland fells again those, who are dealing with Russia.
Author:        RPM™