Posted on Wednesday 07 January 2009 - 07:45:00
Prodir pens have been in the market of business souvenirs relatively not so long – about 20 years, but within this time they have managed to win affection of entire Europe. And Russia is not an exception. Prodir’s Moscow office was opened approximately two and a half years ago, but even well be-fore that the company’s products had been seen in catalogues of various Russian suppliers of business souvenirs. In this interview Knud Noerding, a sales manager of Prodir, tells us about the results of the representative office’s work and about the differences between the Russian and the European markets of business souvenirs.

Alexandr Levkin: The year 2008 comes to its end. How fortunate it was for Russian representative office of Prodir? Has the volume of sales increased compared to last year? Has the dealer network increased?
Knud Noerding: 2008 was a good year for Prodir Russia. We have a substantial and sustained growth in all relevant business figures. The opening of our office in Moscow certainly has proved to be the right decision. We have an excellent team, which does understand both the local market and our philosophy. We feel very proud, that today companies like Beeline, MTS, ROSNEFT, TECHNOPARK, KALEVA, SANOFI-AVENTIS, ROCHE, ALFA-LAVAL etc. have chosen Prodir as their corporate pen.
A.L.: What difficulties have you experienced in the past year and how have you overcome them?
K.N.: Of course, there were a couple of minor issues when we started. For example, just to deliver all the necessary papers for running our business in Russia was quite a challenge. But an excellent local team provided us with all the professional know-how we needed to overcome these initial small bumps on the road. Today everything works smoothly.
Author:        RPM™