Posted on Monday 05 January 2009 - 19:24:00
Mid Ocean Vostok, the Russian representative office of Mid Ocean brands, appeared not so long ago – in October 2008. And from the very first days they started with their own advertising campaign: posted a banner on the industry’s website, announced free distribution of catalogues. The “RPM” Review met the CEO of Мid Ocean Vostok, Fabrizio Cappucci, and found out what his first steps in expanding into the Russian market were and what plans for the future he has.
Alexandr Levkin: Mid Ocean Brands has a long experience working in Russia. Why have you decided to open a representative office in Russia and what expectations do you have of making business here now?
Fabrizio Cappucci:The reason why MOB decided to come to Russia is that we do want to be closer to the customers.We realized that in the last 3, 4 years the needs of the main part of the Russian customers and in general the whole POS, premium and gift Russian market changed. Nowadays and not only in Russia a customer pay attention, of course, to the article price but, especially when we talk about our kind of pro-ducts, to the service, the deli- very time, the chance to receive from a supplier fast answers and prompt supports.In order to reply to all the above mentioned needs, MOB thought that the best way would have been to be present directly in Russia.This “presence” do not and won’t change the MOB worldwide market policy: Mid Ocean Vostok will be never “touched” the end users On the way around, Mid Ocean Vostok will hardy work in order to make “the life of our customers easier” and to support and carry on their own business.
A.L.: Before opening the office, how many partners were presenting your catalogs in Russia? And how has the work with Russian dealers network been generally passed before?
Author:        RPM™