Posted on Sunday 04 January 2009 - 13:00:00
IAPP (International Association of Promotional Products), IPSA (Institute of Professionals in Specialty Advertising) and RAPPS (Russian Association of Suppliers and Manufacturers of Souvenirs) are three associations of promotional products running their activities in Russia. Last year we took interview with their head representatives. And we have one more association to introduce. APKOR (Association of Manufacturers and Resellers of Office and Stationery Products in Russia) is a non-profit social organization which was founded in 2003. It unites manufacturers, resellers and other players on the market of office and stationery products. Here are four interviews with heads of these Russian associations: Viktor Levchenko, executive director of RAPPS association; Leo Kostylev, president of IAPP, Marina Koroleva, the general director of IPSA association and Tatyana Kalinina, the executive director for APKOR.If you have any further questions after reading these materials, please, write to us on -email-.
Alexandr Kossatchev: A year has passed since our last talk for Russian Promotional Market Review. Will you tell us what changes it has brought about? What crucial events have happened in the life of your Association and its members?
Leo Kostylev: First of all, I con-sider it necessary to say, that last year wasn’t easy to our branch and as part of it to our association. Still I must be glad, that IAPP is growing, we have united 86 new members. Our magazines are still very popular among people of promotional market, especially I’m very glad, that only two years old Leader-magazine for end users has found it’s own audience and, of course, advertisers. In the meantime, we are preparing new project for trainings sales personnel of our member-companies. We are sure, that time of low activity on the markets is quite the right time to stop a wild run for a moment and to think about quality of service. And quality is hardly possible, when people have not enough professional skills.
A.K.: What is your evaluation of the process of European companies entering the Russian souvenir market? Have you introduced any services for the foreign market players?
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