Posted on Friday 02 January 2009 - 15:00:00
Alexandr Kossatchev: A year has passed since our last talk for Russian Promotional Market Review. Will you tell us what changes it has brought about? What crucial events have happened in the life of your Association and its members?
Marina Koroleva: The current year has demonstrated a stable growth on the Russian promotional products market for more than 20% and that was a base for growing all projects of IPSA Association, first of all – for both exhibitions: “IPSA Specialty Advertising Spring” and “IPSA Specialty Advertising Autumn”.Also IPSA started development of several regional projects. At the moment Association is ready to start regional pilot projects, conceptually and technically worked out. The date of starting is not determined because of global economical uncertainty, affecting the readiness to pay of market players.One of the most significant achievements of this year is the beginning of cooperation between two professional associations IPSA and RAPPS on the field of creating joint projects. Such collaboration was waited by most of market players for at least last. 3-4 years and should positively affect the promotional products market in Russia both on the base of stable market development and in case of economical crisis situation.
A.K.: What is your evaluation of the process of European companies entering the Russian souvenir market? Have you introduced any services for the foreign market players?
M.K.: The integration process of European companies on the Russian promotional products market in 2008 was not too intensive because of a variety of reasons, that haven’t changed since last 3-5 years. Most obvious of them are unfamiliarity of Russian businessman (except big cities) with any foreign languages and random knowledge of Russian language by Europeans. Another one is overstated problems with customs declaration procedures. Those problems, scared away most European suppliers of promotional items, are successfully solved only by some of them, acting on the Russian market and expanding business activities at the moment not only in Moscow but in Russian regions as well. As a professional Association, IPSA is always ready to assist all international companies, trying to be presented on Russian market, with informational support and consulting of some features of acting in this country.
A.K.: What are the targets you are setting for the coming year? What projects are you expecting to implement? What are you going to do to cheer up both Russian and foreign players of the souvenir market?
Author:        RPM™